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Coffee and Tea Tours in Rwanda

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 in Rwanda are by far the best way to have an in-depth exploration about farming activities. A trip to tea or coffee plantations, estates or factories lets you discover some of the best coffee or tea Rwanda has to offer the world. This lets you explore the different stages of processing tea and coffee. This experience involves you exploring the harvesting stage in the garden, drying and processing till the final products that is consumed in cups. Amazingly, you may even have a taste of coffee or tea which will reward you with lots of lasting memories. Coffee and Tea tours are some of the best agricultural tour experiences you shouldn’t miss out on Rwanda safaris. 

Coffee and tea are some of the largest export crops in Rwanda. This landlocked country is endowed with fertile volcanic soils plus a favorable weather and climatic conditions which make it an ideal place for coffee and tea growing.

visit Rwanda with  Panther Adventures and have opportunity to explore how coffee and tea are harvested, processed to make the final product for consumption. Your experience will commence with a road trip from Muhanga or Gitarama Town then you get to the closest village. On arrival, get a warm welcome from the women who work at the cooperative. You will then be taken to coffee plants and also pick some of the cherries which may require you to wash prior removing the pulp.

You will also have a meal with the host community and share lots of experiences. This will be a great opportunity for you to roast, grind and sieve the beans prior to state best to take as a traditional coffee. 

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