twin lakes of burera and ruhondo

Burera and Ruhondo Twin Lakes

The beautiful Burera and Ruhondo twin lakes are located in the northern province of Rwanda close to the Border between Rwanda and Uganda. They are located at the base of Muhabura Volcano not far From Musanze town and the Volcanoes National Park reception in Kinigi, home to the well-known mountain Gorilla. The formation of the lakes are traced in the past with volcanic activity. The river Nyabarongo flowing now from the southern province to the eastern province used to flow in the northern part of Rwanda.

The volcanic eruption caused the liver to break. It is said that the Muhabura’s volcano lava blocked the flow of the river and its water formed the two lakes namely Burera and Ruhondo. The rest of the water diverted to the eastern part of the country, joining Akanyaru river to form Akagera river and later the River Nile. The two lakes are joined by a small flow of water of about 50 meters and are separated by 1Km long piece of land. Burera and Ruhondo twin lakes are also considered as volcanic lava dammed lakes.

twin lake panther adventures

Burera and Ruhondo twin lakes are of a good scenic view and a very good photographic view.  When coming for Gorilla trekking don’t miss an opportunity to visit these magnificent twin lakes and enjoy the marvelous view of the Volcanoes National Park from a distance. The volcano National Park chain surrounds the blue water of Burera and Ruhondo Twin lakes as they extend from its east to west side.

The Rugezi swamp surrounding Burera and Ruhondo twin lakes is one of the few good places for bird watching. Burera and Ruhondo twin lakes offer optional activities in the afternoon like Canoe ride after gorilla trekking. The canoe ride or walking on the Burela and Ruhondo twin lakes can be also combined with a cultural tour at Ibyiwacu cultural village or can be taken on a relaxation day after the Volcano mountain hike. Experienced guides are ready to take you on a boat ride or a canoe ride in the lake as you observe these beautiful mountains and enjoy the serenity of the steep hills and the water fall well as the outlines of the nearby volcanoes.


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